4 December 2022

Pune: The Omicron subvariant XBB has already acquired more mutations and split into even fitter strains, scientists on Monday.

Till October, India had 71 confirmed cases of XBB-driven Covid infection. The number jumped to 136 on October 23. On Monday, the case count was at 235.

Fitter Covid strain leads
Fitter Covid strain leads

From the XBB group , Indian scientists said XBB.3 has been responsible for the most infections ( 63 % ) , followed by XBB.2 ( 21 % ) , XBB ( 11 % ) and XBB.1.1 ( 4 % ) . ” The XBB.3 strain is currently leading the pack in India with maximum a of senior scientist cases, with INSACOG confirmed on Monday.

XBB was first detected in August and described by WHO as among the most immune-evasive versions of SARS – CoV – 2 yet is being closely monitored by countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Singapore.

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