5 December 2022

Meerut : A cement manufacturing giant has been served notice by The ( COA ) Council of Architecture ( a statutory body constituted by the Government of India under the provisions of the Architects Act 1972 ) for developing a digital platform that provides end to – end home building solutions, including architectural consultancy.

In the letter issued to the company, the COA accused the company of violating of the Architects Act. The letter written to the company’s management states, ” The architecture being a skill-based profession where the services are rendered by the concerned architect/firm individually and are accountable for the same. Launch of any app/web portal for providing such consultancy services in the name of architects is a violation of the Act. The matter was first raised by the UP Archi tectsassociation and brought to the notice of COA. “

Prashant P Singh, president of Lucknow Architects Association said, ” The council has got a manual and accordingly, an architect who is registered with the council can only practice in India. Now this company has launched an app on its own providing building services which they cannot do as they are not registered with the council. And hence, the council has issued notice not only to the company apprising them of the unethical practice they are indulging in but also to the architects who are empaneled with the company to dissuade them from the unholy association. “

Notably, the digital mobile phone app aims to connect home builders through a network of a large number of cement dealers offering them a range of construction solutions like legal and technical experts and also construction designs, all on a mobile phone.

firm for home solutions app
firm for home solutions app

President of COA, Habeeb Khan said, ” What they are doing is sheer violation of the Architects Act 1972 that was enacted to protect the interests of a common man as well as architects. If this app had confined itself to providing a database of architects with their expertise and areas of competence, and facilitating an appointment platform in different parts of the country, things would be acceptable but the company offering a skills-based service at a predetermined throwaway price is in violation of the Act.

At the same time, there’s no guarantee of adherence to the standards and quality through this app and more important accountability which defeats the main purpose of the Act. ” W Principal & dean, faculty of architecture and planning, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Dr. Van dana Sehgal said, ” This is ethically wrong. It’s like overstepping on the architects’ domain.

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