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The director Sanjay Gadhavi after directing some hit movies like Dhoom and Dhoom 2 definitely has faltered with the plot in Kidnap. Kidnap also does find parallels to the flick Zinda in terms of kidnapping theme. The movie Kidnap ignites initial interest, gets on to the waning mode with a lax plot, only to bow out without any fizzle.

The story begins with Sonia (Minnissha Lamba) a defiant and headstrong teenager who stays alongwith her divorced mother Dr. Mallika ( Vidya Malavade) and grand mother ( Reema Lagoo). Just before her eighteenth birthday she is kidnapped, the kidnapper Kabir Sharma ( Imran Khan) does not want ransom, instead he wants to play a game of negotiation with Sonia’s father Vikrant Raina ( Sanjay Dutt). Raina the richest Indian with a net worth of 51.7 billion dollars finds his world shattered. A man not used to taking orders is required to be on the run, follow the kidnappers orders and complete a series of tasks, each of which holds the clue. Each task completed is the only hope of keeping his daughter alive. With the kidnapper practically watching over his every move, one task incomplete and he would lose his daughter forever. All he can do is, try and connect with the clues to find out why this game of one on one. Kabir is a victim of Raina’s ruthless decision when he was 14 years old, which labels him as criminal. Years later Kabir masterminds series of events that force Raina to commit crime. At the end Kabir asks Raina a question, “Does committing a crime make you a criminal”

The director Sanjay Gadhavi has done all with his realms to get the movie going on, but has been let down by the scripting. The writer Shibani Bathija after a promising start has just has deteriorated the storyline to be unexciting and drabbing. The tasks required to get to the clues could have been much better and ditto for the climax. Cinematography by Bobby Singh is awesome. Pritam’s music is not quite there, the songs ‘Mit Jaye’ and ‘Hey Ya’ are okay.

Imran Khan has comfortably eased into the role of the steely kidnapper, emerging a clear winner. Sanjay Dutt has been in the on and off mode, at some places he stands out and at some ….need I say. Minnissha Lamba has done a fair job, but her costumes are a let down considering the fact of her been kidnapped. Vidya Malavade has given a stoic performance. Rahul Dev has been under-ulitised. Reema Lagoo was really not required.

The movie Kidnap definitely has a good theme, starts off well but doesn’t keep up to the expected levels that it possibly could have reached as a movie and also on the box office.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5






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