Festivals in Different Regions of the World


What will be the most pleasing and desirable part of your life while people are in a social gathering with great joy and a cheerful mood? It must be a festival. Festivals are an inseparable part of human being. Since the dawn of civilization, different people are accustomed with different culture. Likewise, Indian civilization has a great tradition of festivities.

Indian subcontinent is considered as the land of Buddha. It is called the hermit kingdom for its philosophy, mysticism and culture. For centuries, art, culture, architecture and tradition attract the visitors.

We know that festivals come with some special occasions. Mainly, it depends upon the means of productions. Soon after the discovering the way of cultivation, agricultural activities developed which is our one of the oldest means of livelihood. Men in our clan would go for hunting and our women would cultivate land next to their living place.

When it is harvesting period, farmers celebrate the harvest event with great joy. Well, there are religious festivals such as worship of Goddess Durga and Kali, Eid day celebration, Christmas day etc. Besides, there are some festivities which are absolutely secular. People of all casts and race attend the carnivals.

In Bengal, Pohela Baisakh (Bengali month), as a Bengali new year, thousands of festival revelers flood the street parties that bring ecstasy in life. Both in villages and towns, you will see a great festive mode for New Year celebration. There is no tradition of wearing skimpy costumes bordering on blasphemous as we see in European countries.

The crowd in the fair and in the street keeps dancing with the powerful drum beating even in the sweltering heat of summer. Music lovers gather under banyan tree for enjoying folk songs popularly known as Baul Gan (Songs of spirituality). The great Baul Fakir Lalon Shah is one of the spiritual personalities who influence the nation with his secular philosophy.

People love their arrangement with fantastic gentle bridge during summer. Well, I could recall a carnival in Rio which was very funny. Standing before journalists the city Mayor held a sign emphasizing his anti-urine movement that read – Come on, don’t pee here, OK? It’s really a great humor! No, in Indian subcontinent, people are not accustomed with such types of doing. It is only men, not women, use gutters as toilets. No offenders are found as women here.

Whether you are in Asia or some other parts of the world, it is a must that you have tendencies to attend your local festivities. Nowadays, celebrating 31st night (December) for having a blissful new year, people all over the world wish their nearest and dearest one.