,Examining ‘ impact of SC’s EPS order : Govt Parliament , “

New Delhi : The labour minis try has a parliamentary panel that its budget estimates for the next financial year have been prepared without factoring in the implications of the Supreme Court’s November judgment , which provided one – time opportunity to diggable employees to for higher pension from the Employees the Pension Scheme ( EPS ) under Employees ‘ Provident Fund ( EPF ) Scheme .

The last date for eligible employees who retired be fore September 1 , 2014 – to apply is March 3 , 2023. For employees who are still in service , or those who retired after September 1 , 2014 , the EPFO has extended the last date registering to May 3. EPFO is yet to issue a circular clarifying the method of deposit or computation of pension . On Monday , jnior labour minister Ramesh Teli also told Lok Sabha that the ministry is ” examining ” the implementation of the Supreme Court’s judgment .

Examining ' impact of SC's
Examining ‘ impact of SC’s

” It has legal , financial , ac tutorial and logistical implications . All pension funds have to be sustainable for the future generations therefore , in larger public interest and that of social security it is imperative that the pension funds are kept in good financial health so that pension payment liability ties in future are met , ” the minister said in a written re sponsor to a question on when the scheme will be implemented ,as per the apex court verdict .

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