Ex – BJP leader offers free legal aid to Atif’s killers

Bareilly : A former BJP leader in Shahjahanpur has of freed to provide free legal sup port to the three men who killed gangster – turned – politician Atif Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed in Prayagraj last week . Ragin Singh , who runs a local social group , Hinduism Art and Cull true Foundation , said , ” These boys have displayed termed duos courage in eliminating the terrorists and helped our society . Since they belong to poor backgrounds , we’ll give them every possible legal aid through our foundation . “

Singh told media persons on Thursday that Atif and his brother were ” hardcore crim finals and were running an or organised racket from prison . “

Ex - BJP leader offers free,
Ex – BJP leader offers free

For 40 years they had been committing murders , land grabs of the poor , extorting money and had acquired properties worth hundreds of crores . All the past governments in the state had failed to control their activities . Their terror was such that witnesses used to refuse to give statements against them .

They were very good at play . in with the loopholes in the system . ” Notably , Singh had contested on a BJP ticket from Talha constituency in Shahjahanpur in 2012 and lost to BSP’s Mohanlal Verme .

When queried if she was justifying Atif’s murder right under police watch , she said , ” It can never be the right approach but I’m against the kind of activities that Atif was involved in . We willed sure the three young men are able to put forward their rea sons behind the incident . “

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