EU adopts ban on imports that speed up deforestation

Strasbourg ( France ) : The European Parliament adopted a new EU law on Wednesday day that will ban imports deemed to be driving deforestation ion , throwing the bloc’s trade muscle behind a global fight against climate change .

The legislation , which has to get final approval from the European Union’s member countries , would apply to coffee , cocoa , soy , timber , palm oil , cattle , printing pa per and rubber , and derived products , coming from countries around the world .

EU adopts ban on imports that,
EU adopts ban on imports that

Imports that come from land that was deforested after December 31 , 2020 will be prohibited bites in the huge EU market .

Companies sending such merchandise to Europe will have to show a certificate guaranteeing they do not come from such zones , with checks conducted on a sliding scale according to how high risk the exporting county is ranked . The EU is the second – biggest market for consumption of the targeted products after China .

The European Parliament estimates Europe is respond sable for 10 % of deforestation land around the planet .

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