5 December 2022

Guwahati : Financial discipline of Northeastern states is essential to make the Indi economy the second largest in the world, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday.

Addressing the 70th plenary session of the North Eastern Council ( NEC ) here, Shah said insurgency, lack of connectivity, and failure of previous governments to focus on the Northeast hampered the region’s development for decades.

Ensure financial discipline: Shah
Ensure financial discipline: Shah

” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government tried to understand the core problems and evolved ways to permanently solve the issues to take the region to the path of development, ” he said.

During the last eight years of the Modi government, many efforts were made to bring peace to the region, enhance connectivity and give priority to development, he added. Shah, the chairperson of NEC, asked the chief ministers of the region to ensure the financial discipline of their states.

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