29 November 2022

Colleges looking for accreditation assistance on the internet can find numerous such questionable consultants and agencies. They publicize an ability to help institutes prepare for the National Assessment and Accreditation Council ( NAAC ) assessment, a process that ranks colleges and universities based on faculty and facilities.

The NAAC mechanism is crucial to the higher education sector as students often choose based on grades assigned to institutes. Compiling paperwork and readying up for the big review is central to this process which can leave even established institutes flustered. Yet now, a new breed of consultants is promising to pave the way to a fancy rating by arranging visits of sympathetic inspectors, said a source.

help boost NAAC ratings
help boost NAAC ratings

Admittedly, the Council has been made aware of the problem and is looking to tackle ” To weed out such dubious agencies and agents, NAAC is planning to shoulder the responsibility of handholding and mentoring colleges and universities that are in line to undergo assessment, ” said NAAC executive committee chairman Bhushan Patward han .

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