EcoRock Drywall is Setting the Foundation For Residential & Commercial Green Building Applications


Serious Materials are the makers of the new Eco-friendly EcoRock drywall that is revolutionizing green building practices with materials that are 90% more efficient than what is traditionally used and five times more environmentally friendly. People are already eagerly waiting for the day when they will be able to find this new “Green” product at their local building supply store. There has been a lot of excitement surrounding this new product for all its many Eco-friendly initiatives and beneficial qualities; which combined make it a healthier and environmentally safer alternative for the interior finishing of buildings.

Although the specific date has not been released for nationwide marketing; Serious Materials is looking at expanding the availability of their new “Green building” and Eco-friendly drywall product later this year. EcoRock is currently available in some western and northwestern states and runs in the same price category as high-end drywall; retailing at $14 – $20 per 4×8 foot sheet.

Wall board, or drywall, is a very basic building material used in residential and commercial sectors for the interior finishing of buildings and the renovating of projects. Almost a century ago gypsum drywall; which is a form of fabricated plaster, took the place of the older plaster and lath materials. It was a huge advancement to the building industry by making drywall projects less expensive, quicker and easier to complete. Along with this great convenience came increased environmental issues and health downsides. Traditional drywall contains calcium and sulfur and uses mined gypsum rock; which is roasted in 500 degree kilns. The vapors, mercury and CO2 emissions, released during the gypsum production process have always been a major contributor to green house gases; about 20 billion pounds per year coming from Drywall factories.

There are 15 million tons of traditional drywall produced every year in the United States alone and the product contains up to 25 percent of gypsum powder; making it a recyclable product; however not a waste product friendly to sitting in landfills. It is reported that more than 40 tons of drywall waste is being dumped into landfills, on a daily basis, across the globe.

The groundbreaking news is that Serious Material’s new Eco-friendly EcoRock Drywall has significantly changed and improved the drywall product from its basic material elements to its production processing methods. EcoRock is a fully recyclable and highly attractive alternative; well fitted for the new 21st century sustainable green building applications being implemented worldwide.

The EcoRock drywall is made from 80% post industrial recycling, utilizing material from steel and cement plant waste. It can also be used as a pH additive in soils; so it can be safely discarded in landfills. This new EcoRock “Green Building” product is naturally cured and dried; which allows for the use of 80% less energy than the traditional methods use in the manufacturing stages. It contains no gypsum; eliminating the need for high intense energy consumption during production. This new and cutting edge design also improves air quality by eliminating airborne mercury and it creates 60% less dust. EcoRock drywall is termite resistant and is 50% more resistant to mildew and mold; while using no harsh anti-fungal chemicals.

EcoRock drywall is only one of the newest additions to Serious Materials other cutting edge “Green building” products. Two of which include Eco-friendly products like sustainable sound-proof doors and therma-proof insulated windows. They have four manufacturing plants in the U.S.; which is expected to create thousands of new “Green Building” jobs to meet their increased production expectations.

CEO and founder of Serious Materials Kevin Surace, was named 2009 Entrepreneur of the year by Inc. Magazine. The company was awarded the Cradle to Cradle gold award and the Popular Science “Best of

What’s New” award. In addition; the company won the 2009 Wall Street Journal technology innovation award and has also earned the UL Environment Claims Validation. EcoRock drywall has been credited to be the revolutionary product that does all that it claims to; in being superior for its groundbreaking environmental and health benefits. Keeping this new Eco-friendly product affordable and cost efficient will hopefully make this product the new commonly used alternative to traditional drywall.






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