5 December 2022

Rudrapur : Heavy rain this week has destroyed the standing Kharif crops across vast stretches in the Terai region, also known as the rice bowl of Uttarakhand. The farmers are consequently facing a major crop loss.

Jagjit Singh, a farmer from Bazpur, has eight acres of land in Gobara village. He planted two acres each of paddy, cotton, sorghum ( jo war ), and millet ( bajra ). His cotton crop has been spoiled completely due to rain. The paddy harvest has been delayed, but he hopes to save half of it. Jowar and bajra also seem to be completely spoiled. President of Terai Kisan Sabha, Tejinder Singh Virk said, ” Farmers have incurred losses over Rs 10,000 per acre. We seek an immediate survey of the damages and relief from the government. “

Downpour destroys paddy crops
Downpour destroys paddy crops

Meanwhile, RK Singh, a meteorologist at the GB Pant University in Pantnagar, said, ” We recorded more than 286mm of rain in just 11 days of October this year which is very unlikely compared to the average rain of 38.7mm in the whole month of October. In 2021, we recorded almost 400mm of rain, but in the second half of October. The climate change trend is surprising. “

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