Does Your World Seem Upside Down?


I don’t know about your world, but mine seems to be upside down. The world I knew was one where people honored elders for their contributions to society and families had values that transcended race, gender, or creed. But lately, I don’t see that side of our country or the world and only see and hear a violent, racist, and politically correct bombardment in both spoken and written words. What happened to the America that stood for more than greed and power? Where is the country that was created by God and lived its principles? I wonder.

I have to admit that I try and shield myself from most of the daily news programs. I watch enough to know what is going on in the world but do not saturate my mind with slanted or misinterpreted commentaries. Celebrities have lost their credibility, and unfortunately, along with them most of the major news organizations no longer can be trusted with honest reporting. It seems like everyone who used to be a trusted source including politicians have some agenda that may not be in the best interest of our country, its citizens or the world. I find it hard to adjust to this disorientation. Where is the compass that I used to look at to tell what direction I was traveling? As I get older, my eyes and ears fail me at times. I sometimes feel I have heard and seen things that don’t make sense. Intangible things like the respect for people and the values we held dear seem gone. Love of country is being subverted by a love of self-indulgence. Using others to get ahead seems to be more the rule than the exception. Politicians change their positions like the wind rustling through the trees. You can’t tell in what direction the wind is blowing. Is it wind or hot air?

So, what am I to make of all this? I guess there are no simple answers to the dizzying array of problems confronting our world. As a citizen of this great land, I can only exercise my concerns at the ballot box or through dialogue with those parties who are in control of the mechanisms at risk. Are there enough people with straight thinking minds left to correct this misguidance before it is all lost? I ponder such questions to make sense of a sometimes senseless world. I hear inklings of discontent over the decision makers abilities and a yearning to return to civility and honesty in government. That is good news to me. Those of us who have standards and values must begin to let our voices be heard to save our country from decline. Growth is a tricky thing, and change is inevitable, but uncontrolled growth and ungrounded change will only create more chaos in an already chaotic world.

For me, I will do my part of creating a transition into a future of choice, freedom, and the ideals that created this great land. I will follow my life’s direction by following the voice of Spirit in my life. Listening to this voice gives me a path that cannot be swayed by the preachiness of the secular world. My world is a world of kindness, love, and acknowledgment of the frailties of the human species, and the desire to amplify the good in everyone. Perhaps if enough like-minded people act before it is too late, we will regain our foothold on the qualities and character of those who came before us. It is up to each of us to leave a legacy of loving kindness as given to us by our Creator to create a world that stands for the principles we hold so dear.

Won’t you join with me and create a vortex of intent in this world to make it so?






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