8 December 2022

Dehradun : Two people, including a five-year-old boy, were admitted to Coronation district hospital in Dehradun after they suffered critical burn injuries while bursting firecrackers on Di wali night on Monday, doctors said on Tuesday.

They said an increasing number of patients have been coming to the burn unit with moderate to critical burn injuries since Monday night. Thirty-three people came to the hospital on Monday night, while 18 came on Tues day morning, the doctors said.

Those with moderate burn injuries were discharged after first aid, they said. ” Most of these burn injuries are firecracker related. Two of these patients are in critical condition. They are undergoing treatment at the hospital. We have been urging the public to remain very careful with the clothes they wear on the occasion. Most of the injuries are seen in teenagers and young adults who often don’t heed the advice, ” said Dr. Kush Aeron, a lone burn surgeon at the district hospital.

Diwali, 5 - yr - old critical
Diwali, 5 – yr – old critical

Aeron said the five-year-old boy suffered 25 % burn injuries while the other critical patient -a 26 – a year – an old woman – suffered 70 % burn injuries after syn thetic clothes caught fire.

Last year during Diwali, the district hospital treated 66 patients with burn injuries. The Coronation hospital, the only state-run hospital in the city that treats burn injuries, has a 10 – bed burn unit and a dressing room.

On Diwali night, eight fire tenders were deployed in the city to thwart any fire incidents. ” No major fire accidents have been reported from Dehradun district on Diwali night. A commercial unit in Rishikesh caught fire, but no injuries were reported. In Dehradun, a shop caught fire, but it was contained quickly, ” said chief fire officer Rajendra Khati.

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