Disaster management officer’s term ends ‘ abruptly ‘

Dehradun : The ‘ abrupt ‘ ending of the contract of Dehra dun’s district disaster management officer has stoked a controversy after the ‘ sacked ‘ officer has said that she wasn’t given a valid reason for her removal . The contract of Deep shikar Rawat , who served as Dehradun’s disaster management officer since August 2012 , ended on March 14 this year , while the district administration , unlike previous years , denied extending her services .

When contacted about the issue , Deepika Rawat said , ” I am a bit upset that I wasn’t I even given a valid reason why wasn’t given an extension .

Disaster management officer's ,

I wasn’t informed that I will be removed . ” In fact , she was in Hyderabad to attend a disaster management – related conference when she got to know that job advertisement for the post had come out in a newspaper on February 28 .

learnt that a total of nine candidates , including the ex – disaster management officer herself , appeared for inter views by district administration in March . However , the whole appointment process was cancelled by secretary , disaster management department recently , citing a government order of 2021 .

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