5 December 2022

A part from issuing statements , Dhariwal has committed grave indiscipline by hosting a parallel MLAs ‘ meeting at his residence ” pressuring them not to attend the official meeting ” , the notice said said ..

” This happened even when Shri Kharge and Shri Maken repeatedly clarified that they have come here to speak to each MLA individually and impartially re port to Congress President . No decision would be made in haste . After knowing the views of MLAs , Congress President will discuss them with everyone and take a well – considered decision , ” the notice said .

'Dhariwal held meeting of MLAs
‘Dhariwal held meeting of MLAs

Rajasthan PHED minister Mahesh Joshi was told that he being the Chier Whip , officially informed every Congress MLA for the meetingslated to be held at 7 PM on September 25 , 2022 at the CM’s Residence .

” You as Chief Whip have conducted grave indiscipline on two counts . Boycot ting the official CLP meeting , even after you had in formed ( given notice ) every Congress MLA to attend it , and by participating and convening a parallel meeting of the MLAs at the time when officially appointed observers were waiting for the official meeting to start .

” As Chief Whip your presence at the unofficial and illegal meeting con fused the MLAs as to which one was convened officially , the notice to Joshi said .

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