8 December 2022

New Delhi: In view of a murder incident in Baljit Nagar, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Sunday wrote a letter to Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena appealing to him to take cognizance of his constitutional duty of maintaining public order. In the letter, he said the crime graph in the city has increased and it seems that Delhi has become the capital of crime. He also mentioned the worsening law and order situation in Delhi.

Delhi becoming capital of crime
Delhi becoming capital of crime

” The constitution has given the responsibility to maintain law and order in Delhi to you ( LG ) and the police directly reports to you. I request you to kindly pay some attention to this, ” Sisodia said in the letter. ” If you dedicate some time to streamlining the deteriorating law and order situation in the city then it will benefit the general public of Delhi, ” he added. Sisodia also listed a number of recent crime incidents that took place in the city. He said two days back some goons battered a youth to death in broad daylight in Baljit Na gar similarly last week a man was stabbed to death in Sundar Nagri areas.

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