Das bans serving alcohol at medical conferences

New Delhi : Alcohol should not be served at medical conferences , the Director General of Health Services has written to all ‘ medical associations . “

The letter sent on March 31 says , ” Being health professionals , we should follow a healthy lifestyle and it may be advised that alcohol in any form may be avoided in medical conferences / workshop / seminar / CME ( Continuing Medical Education ) to set an example of a good habit which can be emu lasted by others . ” The DGHS , in the letter , al so described how alcohol use is linked to many diseases and injury conditions including liver cirrhosis , several cancers and haemorrhagic strokes .

DGHS Dr Atul Goal said discontinuation of alcohol among the doctors is only the beginning and later this initiative may spread across all categories of conference / workshop / seminar / CME . ” The ultimate goal is to reduce the risk factors and NCD ( non – communicable diseases ) burden in the country , ” he added .

Das bans serving alcohol,

Welcoming the move , former national president and chairman of the action com
mite of Indian Medical Association , Dr Vinay Aggarwal said , ” It’s a positive step . We should not mix socialisation and scion traffic meetings , ” he said .

A similar advisory to discourage medical students from consuming alcohol was recently issued by the National Medical Commission ( NMC ) recently . ” Students are expected to take care of themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle . They are particularly expected to avoid alcohol , tobacco and other substances of abuse . Students are expected to seek treatment and counselling in case of substance abuse , ” the advisory stated .

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