DA sues to stop Republican intimidation ‘ in Trump case

New York : Manhattan dis- US representative Jim Jory on Tuesday sued Republican a ” campaign of intimidation ” Dan to stop what Bragg called against the criminal process Donald Trump in New York .

The lawsuit aims to block a subpoena of Mark Pomerantz , a for merprosecutor who once led the Manhattan tan DA’s investigation of Trump , by the Re publican – led House of Prepare sensitive judiciary commit tee , which Jordan chairs .

Bragg , a Democrat , called the subpoena an unconstrict tonal ” incursion ” into a state criminal case as payback for charging Trump in the first indictment of a former US president . ” Rather than allowing the criminal process to proceed in the ordinary course , chairman Jordan and the committee are participating in a campaign of intimidation , retaliation and obstruction , ” Bragg’s lawyers wrote in the complaint , filed in federal court in Manhattan .

DA sues to stop Republican,
DA sues to stop Republican

US district judge Mary Kay Vyskocil set a hearing for April 19. She gave Jordan until April 17 to respond to Bragg’s complaint .

Many Republic cans have portrayed Bragg’s prosecution as a politically – mote voted stunt to interfere re in the 2024 presidential election . They have also questioned the district attorney y’s use of federal funds for its investigation of Trump .

Bragg’s office has said it used $ 5,000 in federal funds to investigate Trump and his namesake family company . The office said money came from $ 1 billion of asset forfeiture it secured for the government in the last 15 years .

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