Creative Jobs in Mumbai Attract Talented Individuals


Mumbai is not just India’s financial capital; it is also India’s art capital. Mumbai is where the creative people flock to when they want to take their art to another level and get recognition from the world.

Delhi could be seen as a close contender, but its politically heavy atmosphere does not let spirits soar as high as Mumbai’s causal bubbly spirit does.

Mumbai is the city of dreams; some get shattered while some transform into reality. The ‘Maximum City’ provides platform for writers, designers, painters, actors, dancers, singers, and other creative individuals to earn using their natural talent. They do not mind the cramped travelling conditions and they are not deterred by the high rents for small rooms. A life of struggle awaits them, but it is also an opportunity for a promising future.

Bollywood is the greatest attraction to actors, singers, musicians and other creative people. There are also many creative jobs in Mumbai for photographers, choreographers, and creative writers who play an important role in creating the films that are loved by a billion Indians. A number of talented people from all over India dream of working in Bollywood and see the ‘stars’ from close by and maybe to gain fame and fortune too.

The smaller screen too is a steady source of income for a number of creative people aspiring to use their skills to earn. New channels provide a number of jobs to writers, actors, cameraman and other creative people who pour their creative energies into generating news. Television soaps are another huge source of work to fashion designers, artists, actors, singers and writers.

Mumbai is also India’s fashion capital. A number of fashion institutes, and more importantly a number of famous fashion designers make clothes for the glitterati that reside in the city. A number of aspiring fashion designers come and grow under the tutelage of those that have established themselves in the shimmering world of fashion. There is no dearth of good and high-paying fashion jobs in Mumbai and the city knows how to rewards its designers. Jewelry design, interior decoration and other related fields also flourishing in the city.

The city is also a heaven for foodies and a number of 5 star hotels mean that people capable of creating great food are also rewarded. A number of hotel management institutes in the city get the best talent to study in Mumbai and most of them are assimilated in the hotels across the city. Some go on to launch their own restaurants and others showcase their skills on the television.

Mumbai is a city that sells dreams and it is also home to some of India’s best advertisers who are capable of using words and images to sell combs to bald men. The steady and rapid growth of India Inc has created a number of advertising jobs in Mumbai. A number of aspiring writers supplement their income by working in the advertising industry, a number of aspiring singers sing jingles for the advertisements, aspiring actors get small or big modeling projects.

Creative people flock in hordes to Mumbai and chase their dreams in the city of dreams; Mumbai gains from their spirit and they get money in return.






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