5 December 2022

Beijing : China’s Communist Party said on Sunday that it had elected all the delegates at tending a key political meeting starting October 16 , where President Xi Jinping is expected to secure an unprecedented third term . The twice – in – a – decade conclave will also see a shuffle of personnel on the party’s powerful decision – making body , the 25 – member Politburo .

CPC elects all delegates
CPC elects all delegates

” Each electoral unit elected 2,296 delegates to the 20th Party Congress , ” state broadcaster CCTV said . The delegates must adhere to Xi’s political ideology in addition to the party constitution , CCTV said . The congress comes as Xi facessignifi cant political headwinds , including an ailing economy and deteriorating ties with the US . The congress offers signposts on the direction China will take in the near term and the extent of the sway Xi has over the party . The delegates will pick members of the party’s Central Committee of around 200 members . The Committee will then vote for the 25 – person Politburo and its Standing Committee – China’s highest leadership body.

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