8 December 2022

Meerut : As the deadlock continues between CAQM (Commission for Air Quality Management ) and the Delhi – NCR industry over the directives to replace conventional fuel with PNG, the industry captains met with Union minister of commerce and industry, Piyush Goyal, in Delhi. ” We explained to the minister that according to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd ( UPPCL ) , they supply 23.5 hours of electricity to the industry in UP. Running DG sets for just 30 minutes, in 24 hours, is negligible in terms of contribution to pollution. On the contrary, setting up of PNG sets will cost a fortune for the industry which is trying to revive post the Covid pandemic, ” said Sumnesh Agarwal, chairman of, the Sports Goods Council.

Costly PNG generator
Costly PNG generator

” The small-scale industry uses DG sets which are in the range of 10KW to 300 KW and no company in India manufactures PNG sets less than 1180KW. In July 2023, the Central Pollution Control Board will come out with fresh guidelines. So, we have requested the ministry to allow diesel gen-sets to run at least until then, ” added Agarwal. The CAQM directive to industries operating in Delhi – NCR was issued in February, the deadline was September 30. Among other concerns, industry captains claimed that the infrastructure to convert to PNG ” doesn’t exist ” at present. Moreover, the cost of PNG is three times that of conventional fuel. This will knock them out of the competition due to a higher cost of production, they claimed. Chairman of the Association of Textile Units in Faridabad, Pramod Agarwal, said, ” Only 40 % of Delhi – NCR has PNG infrastructure, forget about assurance of gas supply. Another problem is generators. The directive included a ban on diesel generators.

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