29 November 2022

New Delhi: The Delhi police on Monday moved an application in court here for conducting a polygraph test on Aaftab Amin Poona wall, who is accused of brutally killing his live-in partner six months ago.

Metropolitan Magistrate Aviral Shukla referred the matter to Judge Vijayshree Rathore, who had earlier heard the application on Poonawala’s narco analysis test. The court had on Thursday directed the city police to complete the narco analysis test within five days while making it clear that it cannot use any third-degree measure on him.

conducting Aaftab's polygraph test
conducting Aaftab’s polygraph test

The application was moved on Monday on the ground that Poona wala is providing incorrect information and misleading police, a court source said.

Narco-analysis is a controlled intravenous administration of hypnotic medication on a suspect to get information that would usually not be revealed in the normal state.

A polygraph popularly referred to as a lie detector test, records several physiological indices like blood pressure, respiratory rate, and pulse while a suspect is asked a series of questions.

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