China simulates striking Taiwan on Day 2 of drills

Taipei : China’s military simulated precision strikes against Taiwan in a second day of drills around the is land on Sunday , with the is land’s defence ministry re porting multiple air force sorties and that it was monist oaring China’s missile forces .

China began three days of military exercises around the island on Saturday , the day after Taiwan President Tsai Ingo – wen returned from a brief visit to the US .

Chinese state television reported that the combat re amines patrols and drills around Taiwan were contig nuking . A source familiar with the security situation in the region told Reuters that China had been con ducting simulated air and sea attacks on ” foreign military targets ” in the waters off Taiwan’s southwestern coast . ” Taiwan is not their only target , ” the source said . ” It’s very provocative .

Taiwan’s defence ministry said as of 0800 GMT on Sunday they had spotted 70 Chinese aircraft , including Su – 30 fighters and H – 6 boom beers , as well as 11 ships , around Taiwan . The ministry said they were paying particular attention to the People’s Liberation Army’s Rocket Force which is in charge of China’s land – based missile system .

It reiterated that Taiwo ant’s forces will ” not escalate conflicts nor cause disputes ” and would respond ” appro privately ” to China’s drills .

The security source said about 20 military ships , half from Taiwan and half from China , were engaged in a stand – off near the Taiwan Strait’s median line , but did not behave provocatively .

Zhao Jiaozuo of China’s Academy of Military Sciences told the Chinese state – backed Global Times newspaper this was the first time China had openly talked of simulated attacks on targets in Taiwan . Key targets would include in restructure such as runways , military logistics facility es and mobile targets ” to an nihilate them in one fell sow op if necessary ” , the report cited Zhao as saying .

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