China sends carrier group off Taiwan ahead of US meeting

Taipei : Taiwan’s defence ministry said Wednesday a Chine se aircraft carrier group was in the waters off the island’s south heats coast , the same day Prezi dent Tsai Ingo – wen was due to meet US House speaker Kevin McCarthy in Los Angeles .

Taiwan’s defence ministry said the Chinese ships , which were led by the carrier the Shandong , passed through the Bas hi Channel which sepal rates Taiwan from the Philippines and then into waters to Taiwan’s southeast . It said the ships were going for training in the Wes tern Pacific , and that Taiwanese naval and air forces and land – based radar systems closely monitored them .

” The Chinese communists continue to send aircraft and ships to encroach in the seas and airspace around Taiwan , ‘ the ministry said . ” In addition to posing a substantial threat to our national security , it also destroys the status quo of rational security and stability . Such actions are by no means the acts of a responsible mo. RERA Dern country .

The ministry pro vided two pictures one a grainy black and white image of the carrier taken from the air , and the other of a Taiwanese sailor looking at the Shandong and another unidentified ship in the distance . China has yet to comment on the carrier group , whose appearance also coincide- deed with the arrival in Beijing of French President Emma noel Macron .

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