China may be readying supersonic spy drone

Washington : A leaked US military assessment says the Chine se military may soon deploy a high – altitude spy drone that travels at least three times the speed of sound , the Washington Post reported late on Tuesday . The newspaper cited a secret document from the National Geo spatial – Intelligence Agency .

The document , which Reuters could not confirm or verify independently , features satellite imagery dated Aug 9 that shows two WZ – 8 rocket – propel led reconnaissance drones at an air base in eastern China , about 560km inland from Shanghai , according to the newspaper .

China may be readying supersonic,
China may be readying supersonic

The US assessment said China’s People’s Liberation Army ( PLA ) had ” almost certainly ” established its first unmanned aerial vehicle unit at the base , which falls under the Eastern Theatre Command , the branch of the Chinese military respond sable for enforcing Chinese so sovereignty claims over Taiwan , the newspaper reported .

The US defense department did not immediately respond to a request for comment . The Chinese government could notim mediately be reached for comment . The Washington Post said it obtained the assessment of the program from a trove of images of classified files posted on the Discord .

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