Children’s Health – How to Keep Our Kids Healthy


Psychologists have long considered that childhood is the golden age of developing healthy psychology. All kinds of habits and behavioral patterns lay the foundation at this time. If there is a good start, the moral character of children can be made in the future. Get healthy development; If you ignore the child’s mental health at this time, then it is more difficult or even impossible to expect the child to have a healthy personality and health psychology after becoming an adult. Relaxed emotions enable children to perform various activities smoothly. Parents should keep their children in a state of exuberance. The development of young children’s emotions is characterized by vulnerability to infection.

To enable children to have a good emotional experience, parents should:

Set an example for children to imitate, and always infect their children with their optimistic mood.

Harmonious and Tacit Relationship

To establish a harmonious and tacit relationship between parents in order to have a subtle influence on children. The child’s face is a barometer of the relationship between parents. This is the truth.

Spiritual Investments

Emotional investment in children. The American psychiatrist Campbell suggested that parents should make corresponding spiritual investments to make children mentally healthy.

Respect and Independence

Look at your child affectionately, make intimate contact with your child, and focus on your child. respect for children, although they are young, they should also be regarded as a member of the family with a certain degree of independence, have their own emotions and needs. Lay down on the shelves of parents, and kneel down to talk with children to reduce the sense of majesty, so that children feel that parents and their own are equal, to keep them a happy and harmonious relationship with their families.

Civilized Family

Parents should treat their children courteously and be civilized and courteous to their children. Do not fight children. No matter what kind of good or what the child did, parents must express their congratulations. The correct attitude of parents to children should be love but not spoiled. They are both strict and amiable. Children growing up in such a democratic, free and generous atmosphere must show warmth, openness, liveliness, cheerfulness, self-confidence, and strong activity. Good quality, such as working with people, social adaptability, etc.

Healthy Family

In short, to maintain and promote the mental health of children and to get a Healthy Family, improve the overall psychological quality of children, must pay attention to the creation of the physical environment, but also pay attention to the construction of the human environment; that is, we must focus on specialized mental health education activities, but also penetrate into life All aspects; that is, to face the whole, but also pay attention to a small number of children; that is, to pay great attention to the kindergarten, but also the attention and participation of family society. Only through joint efforts of all parties can we achieve good educational results.






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