‘ Changes in NCERT texts attempt to distort history ‘

New Delhi : CPIMP Bijoy VI swam has alleged that the changes made to NCERT text books indicate a clear – cut at tempt at ” distorting and communalising the study of the history , polity and society of India ” .In a letter to education minister Dharmendra Pradhan , the CPI leader said that ” omissions ” are very serious and some of the changes ” reek of an attempt ” to omit information about certain periods in Indian history.

' Changes in NCERT texts,

He alleged that most of these changes were brought in social sciences books , indicating that the government is ” trying to curtail critical analysis of our society , polity and history ” . The NCERT has dropped from its class 12 history textbook certain portions on Mahatma Gandhi and how his pursuit of Hindu – Muslim unity ” provoked Hindu extra mists ” , and on a ban on the RSS , triggering a row , with the Congress ” Gandhiji’s death had a magical effect on communal situation in the country ” , ” Gandhi’s pursuit of Hindu – Muslim unity provoked Hindu extremists ” and ” Organisations like RSS were banned for some time ” are among the portions deleted from the textbook.

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