29 November 2022

Srinagar : Military combat dog Zoom, a sprightly Belgian Malinois with a black – and – tan coat, was gravely wounded as he took two bullets while pursuing and flushing out two heavily armed Lashkar – e – Tai ba terrorists hiding in a house at Tangpawas in south Kash mir’s Anantnag district early Monday.

Zoom was admitted to the Army’s veterinary hospital in Srinagar. where doctors stated his condition to be critical. Two terrorists were killed and a soldier wounded in the operation.

The two – and – a – half – year old Zoom was attached to the assault unit of the Army’s 15 Corps for the past 10 months.

Canine soldier Zoom takes
Canine soldier Zoom takes

Goodwill messages flooded social media for Zoom’s speedy recovery after Chinar Corps posted a tweet about the battle-wounded four-legged furry soldier, with a video clip of his training. He was trained to tenaciously track and hunt down terrorists in close-combat situations.

Lt Gen Satish Dua tweeted: ” Wish you a speedy recovery, soldier. ” A post tweeted by @ JOJAN9999 said: ” Wishing our guardian and man’s best friend a speedy recovery. He must rest till he recovers fully and must be honored with the highest honor for his dedication to duty! We salute Zoom! “

Zoom was with the assault team that raided the hideout and, according to his corps, he fought bravely amid flying bullets. He was sent into the house when the terrorists were trying to target civilians with automatic weapon fire as a strategy to divert attention, force the soldiers to hold fire, and find a way to escape, a defense spokesman said.

” Zoom approached the target stealthily and pounced upon the terrorists. He was shot, but successfully destabilized the terrorists who were then neutralized by the precision fire of the troops, ” the spokesman said.

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