5 December 2022

Bengaluru : An Uber cab driver carrying her daughter with her while on duty in the city inspired many people on social media. Rahul Sasi, co-founder, and CEO of Cloud SEK, a cybersecurity startup, narrated the story on LinkedIn and it went viral.

” Last day, when my friend booked an Uber for me, this lady came to pick me up. After the ride started, I noticed a kid sleeping in the front seat. I could not resist asking: Mam, is that your daughter ( sic ) ? ” his post read.

The driver, who identified herself as Nandini, told Rahul that she is working and babysitting together.

Cabbie - mom carries the baby
Cabbie – mom carries the baby

” She wanted to be an entrepreneur and started a food truck a few years ago with all her savings. But then Covid – 19 struck and she lost all the money she’d invested. Post that, she started driving for Uber: She works 12 hours a day and tells me she doesn’t mind working more if she has to. She wanted to save money and rebuild everything she had lost, ” Rahul wrote. He shared a selfie with Nandini, which drew a huge response, with many offering to invest in her business and some saying she is an inspiration.

Prabhjeet Singh, the president, of Uber India & South Asia, wrote in the post: ” Thank you for sharing Rahul Sasi. Our team will be in touch with you to see how we can support her more. “

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