8 December 2022

New Delhi: A fresh row between Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) and BJP broke out on Friday after a video clip of AAP Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam denouncing Hindu deities and religion at a public mass religious conversion event in the national capital went viral.

The BJP alleged that the remarks made by the AAP minister against Hindu deities and religion during the event were done at the behest of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who had a habit of insinuating Hindu religion.

BJP seeks sacking of AAP
BJP seeks sacking of AAP

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia, at a press conference, demanded the sacking of Gau tam as a minister and asked Kejriwal to apologize to the Hindu society.

AAP Minister, Rajendra Pal Gautam, an MLA from Seemapuri, among a thousand others at an event of mass conversion of Hindus to Budd him, can be heard taking an oath, saying, ” I shall have no faith in Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara, nor shall I worship them “.

” AAP has hurt the sentiments of Hindus once again and Gautam’s comments highlight the hate the party has for the community, ” Bhatia alleged and added, ” The minister’s comments were made at the behest of Kejriwal. “

The BJP functionary also recalled how Kejriwal had mocked the blockbuster ” Kashmir Files ” , which depicted the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits but Delhi CM had dubbed it as a ” Jhoothi film “.

During the program, around 10,000 people reportedly took vows to convert to Buddhism to follow Lord Buddha’s teachings and give up the worship of Hindu deities.

On October 5, Gautam himself also tweeted the pictures of the event, saying more than 10,000 people pledged to Join Buddhism and work for making India free from casteism and untouchability.

The BJP functionary said. ” Kejriwal Ji, you should apologize to the whole of India by holding your ears. And such a minister, who is spreading hatred, should be immediately sacked. If you do not do this then it is clear, the words may be of the minister, but this poisonous thinking and instructions are from Arvind Kejriwal ” Accusing Kejriwal of making compromises for the vote bank, Bhatia said. ” Kejriwal Ji. how much will you fall for votes? You have taken the oath of the constitution that you will strengthen the integrity of the country But the sentiments of Hindus are being hurt at your behest. That too by your minister whose department is social justice. “

Gautam, in a program at Central Delhi’s Karol Bagh on Dussehra, showed ” disrespect towards Hindu deities in the presence of thousands of people, Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta charged.

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