4 December 2022

Bengaluru: Student, Muslim organizations, and activists on Tuesday alleged that the ruling BJP government is allowing the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ( RSS ) to hold training camps for students in government residential schools in Karnata ka and opposed it.

Vasudeva Reddy, State Secretary of the Student Federation of India ( SFI ) said: ” The ruling BJP in Karnataka is allowing the running of RSS camps in the Morarji Desai Residential Education institutions, which should be immediately stopped.

Presently, the camp is being held in Mulbagal taluk of Kolar and Bidar of north Karnataka, he said.

” The RSS, known as a communal force, is allowed to conduct camps for students. Social welfare devel opmentminister Kota Srini vas Poojari has himself recommended the holding of camps for students, ” Vasu deva Reddy said.

BJP allowing RSS camps
BJP allowing RSS camps

” This is a part of the saffronisation of education by the ruling BJP. The BJP is coming up with this idea of communalism as a continuation of hijab, and school syllabus revision issues. This is an attempt by the ruling BJP to hand over educational institutions to the RSS. We condemn it, ” he alleged.

” These RSS camps must be stopped immediately. In those camps, weapons are being used and physical training is being given. RSS is involved in anti-social activities. It is a matter of concern what kind of an in fluence, these camps would have on tender minds, ” Vasudeva Reddy said.

Permission has been given to hold the Prashikshan Shivir ( training camps ) and is being done to train young men in Yogasana, personality development, and nationalism, a notification issued by the state government said. Permission has been given to Prerana Pratisthan to hold – a week camp in the Kolar district residential hostel.

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