29 November 2022

Islamabad : Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif called his predecessor , Imran Khan , a cheat and the ” biggest ltar on the face of the earth ” , whose policies , according to him , had left the country’s economy in ruins .

In an inter view with British newspaper The Guardian Monday , Sharif said , ” Never before was I concerned about our country’s future . Imran has injected an infinite amount of poison in society and made it hugely polarised as never before … he is distorting facts and creating hate . “

Biggest Liar On Face Of Earth '
Biggest Liar On Face Of Earth ‘

Referring to Khan’s purported audios discussing a cipher message from Washington , the PM said they were ” anirrefu table endorsement that he ( Imran ) is the biggest liar on the face of the earth ” .

He alleged that the Pakistan Tehreek – i – Insaf chief had managed the country’s affairs in a way that benefitted his ” own personal agenda ” .

Last week , two audio recordings of private informal conversations , held by Khan in his office when he was the PM , we re leaked . In both the clips , Khan could be heard discus sing how to cook up a conspiracy about a foreign threat and saying they would now ” play with the diplomatic cable ” .

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