Berlusconi is under treatment for chronic leukaemia : Docs

Rome : Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi is being tree ted for a lung infection that suggests he has a ” chronic blood condition ” that is a kind of leu kami , his doc tors said on Thursday . Beer lesson’s personal physician Alberto Zangwill signed off on a medical bulletin that said Beer laconic has had leukemia ” for some time ” but the cancer of the blood cells was in a ” persistent chronic phase . “

The current treatment strategy envisions treatment of the pulmonary infection ” and specialised treatment ” air med at limiting the negative effects ” of a preexisting chronic leukemia , ” the bulletin said .

Berlusconi , 86 , is a media mogul who served three terms as Italy’s premier and now serves in the Senate . He was admit ted to an intensive care unit at Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital on Wednesday for treatment of what aides indicated was a respiratory problem stemming from a previous infection .

Berlusconi is under treatment,

Earlier Thursday , a close political ally , quoting Zangwill , reported that Berlusconi was alert and in stable condition . He had left the same hospital a week ago after several days of tests . Without citing any sources , Italian news agency ANSA reported that Berlusconi had received chemotherapy ,.

Berlusconi’s party whip in the lower chamber of the parliament , Paolo Bareilly said the former premier ” is responding to treatment ” . A statement from Forza Italia said Berlusconi neon Thursday morning had telephoned several party office ales about political matters .

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