Bennett Unit holds conference on Al impact on rights

Noida: Artificial intelligence and its intersection with human rights made for an illuminating discussion at a conference organised on the subject by Bennett University’s law school in collaboration with the University of Brad- ford, England, on Friday. Technologies such as Al, depending on how they are used, can improve people’s lives or curtail their human rights, legal experts said.

“Al’s gains in law are promising, especially for online research, determining relevant case laws and legal summaries, and analysing and witnessing testimonies in courts,” said professor Engcobo Enmesh, dean of School of Law, University of Bradford.

Bennett Unit holds conference
Bennett Unit holds conference

However, examining the accuracy of AI is crucial before its application, she said. Justice Rita Raj Awes- this, chairman of the 22nd Law Commission of India, who addressed the valedictory session, said, “AI can help lawyers in predicting relevant procedures to address and determine the way a trial may turn out for the client. It would help as a time-saving method.”

Bennett University, its vice-chancellor Professor Prabu Kumar Aggarwal said, is testing the boundaries where technology and AI meet. AI, if in the wrong hands, can lead to its drastic misuse, he cautioned.

The joint conference, he said, will open up opportunities for quality research for the faculty and scholars. Thirty papers, from nation- al and international law institutes, were pre- sent on ‘Contemporary Issues Concerning AI and Law’, ‘AI, Human Rights and Justice’ and AI and Justice Delivery’ at the conference.

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