BCCI hikes Rajni prize money to Rest 5 crore

Mumbai : In a move which will be music to the ears of hundreds of domestic cricketers , particularly those who don’t get to play in the cash – rich IPL , the BCCI has increased the prize money for all the to tournaments in domestic crick et by a substantial amount .

” I’m pleased to announce an increase in prize money for all BCCI Domestic Tourna mints . We will continue our efforts to invest in Domestic Cricket – which is the backbox ne of Indian Cricket . Rajni winners to get 35 crore ( from 2 cry ) , Sr Women winners 750 lakh ( from 6 lakh ) , ” tweeted BCCI secretary Jay Shah on Sunday .

From the 2023-24 domestic season , the Rajni Trophy winners will get R 5 crore ( instead of R 2 crore ) , while the runners – up will get R 3 cry ( earlier R 1 cry ) . The prize money for the Iran Cup winners has been now doubled – from R 25 lakh to Rest 50 lakh .

BCCI hikes Rajni prize ,
BCCI hikes Rajni prize

Similarly , the prize money for the Dileep Trophy winners has been more than doubled from R 40 lakh to R 1 cry . The Vijay Haze re Trophy winners will now get R 1 cry , up from R 30 lakh last season . The DB Deodar Trophy winners will now get R 40 lakh , up from Rest 25 lakh when it was held the last time .

The Mushtaq Ali Trophy winners will get R 80 lakh , instead of the R 25 lakh in the last season .

In the case of women’s domestic cricket , the increase in prize money has been even more substantial . The winners of the senior Women’s One – Day Trophy will get R 50 lakh ( it was R 6 lakh last sea son ) , and the senior Women’s T20 Trophy winners will get R 40 lakh , instead of R 5 lakh earlier .

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