5 December 2022

Dehradun : In a notification issued on November 17, the registrar general of the Uttarak hand high court said the state’s outlying courts will now accept criminal appeals and bail pleas directly, without litigants having to go through the district sessions judge. The registrar general, Vivek Bharti Sharma, said the chief justice has directed them to skip this step as it’s causing hardship to litigants. Uttarakhand is the first state to do this, sources said.

HC chief justice Vipin Sang hi stated in the notification that as per prevailing practice, criminal appeals, criminal revisions, and bail applications pertaining to the courts of additional district and session judges situated at the outlying stations are filed at the district headquarters and thereafter these cases are transferred to concerned jurisdictional courts for trial and hearing. ” This practice is causing undue hardship to litigants ” the notification read.

bail pleas directly from litigants
bail pleas directly from litigants

Registrar general in the letter sent to the Uttarakhand law secretary and all subordinate courts said that in view of sections 194,381 and 400 of CrPC, the chief justice has directed that except cases of special court jurisdiction and such cases, whose jurisdiction exclusively lies in the district and session judge court, criminal appeals, revisions and bail applications pertaining to the jurisdiction of outlying courts will be received and disposed of by them.

A senior judicial officer of Allahabad HC said that there is no, such provision in UP and such a move should be followed in the other parts of the country to ” ease accessing of justice “.

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