29 November 2022

Dehradun : Huge lotus motifs made of flowers were put up on the outer walls of the Badrinath temple during the closing ceremony of the shrine on Saturday, stirring controversy. The opposition Congress accused the BJP of “politicizing a religious event ” by using its party symbol and placing posters of PM Narendra Modi and CM Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Mathura Dutt Joshi, Congress vice-president (organization), said, ” Usually, one sees the swastika or the Ganesh symbol on the outer wall of the temple but this time, the lotus, which is BJP’s symbol, was used in a bid to send out a political message. Also, posters of PM Modi were put up at different locations. Why was this done when a closing ceremony is a religious event, not a political one? This is nothing but the BJP’s attempt to gain political mileage from a religious event. “

He pointed out that this was not the first occasion” when the BJP has tried to give a political message through an important event “.

 Badri shrine create controversy
Badri shrine create controversy

Reacting to the allegations, Ajendra Ajay, senior BJP member and chairman of Badri – Kedar Temple Committee ( BKTC ), which oversees the shrine management, said, ” It looks like Congress members are unaware that lotus is the ‘ asan ‘ of goddess Lakshmi and is said to have originated from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Therefore , what is wrong if there are lotus motifs on Badrinath temple – a shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu? “

He added that on the occasion of Diwali, the Kedarnath shrine was decorated with flowers, and ” there was a swastika and Ganesh motif placed there. ” ” These are baseless allegations made with an attempt to stir up a controversy, ” Ajay said.

Denying any role of BKTC or the BJP in the temple’s decoration, he added, “An organization named Pushpa Sewa Samiti does the decoration work at Char Dham temples and it is a free service. It was their idea to decorate the temple with marigold flowers. We were not even aware of this development. “

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