As Napoli prepare for historic title , fans feud with owner

Milan : Napoli fans are preparing for their biggest party in over three decades but a row between hardcore supporters and club owner Aurelio De Laurentius threatens to take the shine off the col orful festivities in Naples . Napoli host Verona on Saturday on the verge of their first Scudetto since the days of Diego Maradona but the atmosphere at recent home matches has been positively toxic .

The 4-0 home thumping at the hands of AC Milan this month was marred by fights breaking out in the stands between Napoli supporters as fans chanted ” out , out , out ” at hardcore ” ultras ” who decided to watch the match in near silence .

As Napoli prepare for historic,

The ultras ‘ protests are ostensibly about being prevented from bringing drums , flags and banners to the stadium to create an atmosphere worthy of a season in which Napoli should win Serie for the first time since 1990 , with weeks to spare .

Coach Luciano Palette said in the aftermath of the 1-0 Champions League loss to Milan that he would resign if those supporters continued ” to hold the team hostage ” during next week’s sec nod leg of their all – Italian quarter – final .

But this latest row is just another episode of an ideological feud with Rome – born film mogul De Laurentius , who is distrusted by fans .

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