Airfares soar for next 2 long weekends

April , with its generous list of holidays has seen domestic airfares fly . The cheapest to – and – for fare for the April 7 to 9 Easter week end for Mumbai – Srinagar , for instance , was R 52,000 , Dehradun R 34,000 and Koi chi R 13,000 on Thursday .

Airfares soar for next 2 ,

For the next long weekend of April 14 to 17 , the fares are ” cheaper ” for Mumbai – Srinagar R 31,800 and Dehra dun R 14,600 while Kochi is unchanged at R 13,000 . After the pandemic , India’s domestic passenger traffic breached the 4 lakh flyers per day mark for the first time during the long mid April weekend last year .

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