Air India and Ease My Trip Under Fire for Fraudulent Practices

Passenger Left Stranded as Air India and Ease My Trip Engage in Deceptive Actions

Arun’s Nightmarish Experience:

In a shocking incident that has left passengers outraged, Mr. Arun, a traveler on Air India flight AI-881 from Delhi to Goa on Sunday, June 18, 2023, was denied boarding despite holding a valid ticket. Arun’s harrowing experience sheds light on the fraudulent practices employed by Air India and online travel agency EaseMyTrip. This incident has raised serious concerns about passenger rights and the integrity of the aviation industry. Read on to learn about Arun’s ordeal and the need for immediate action.

Air India Fraudulent Practices

Denied Boarding and Uncooperative Staff:

Arun arrived at Delhi’s Terminal 3 with ample time before his scheduled departure. However, when he attempted to retrieve his boarding pass, it failed to print. Despite his efforts and seeking assistance from Air India staff, he was left stranded without any support or guidance. To his disbelief, he discovered that his ticket had been sold to another passenger, forcing him to miss his flight.

Police Complaint and Frustration:

Understandably upset and frustrated, Arun took immediate action and filed a police complaint, seeking justice for the mistreatment he endured. He dialed the emergency number 112 and received a unique reference number, 7204570. However, to his dismay, the police proved unhelpful, with allegations that they were bribed to avoid taking any action. Arun’s attempts to seek a resolution from the police station near the airport were met with disappointment, as they discouraged him from filing a complaint against the airline until the last minute.

Questionable Practices by EaseMyTrip:

Adding to Arun’s woes, his ticket was booked through EaseMyTrip, an online travel agency. This incident wasn’t the first time Arun experienced difficulties with the company’s services. He encountered similar problems while attempting to web check-in for a previous flight from Bangalore to Delhi. Arun’s attempts to utilize EaseMyTrip’s online features were futile, forcing him to physically retrieve his boarding pass at the airport. This recurring issue raises concerns about the reliability and integrity of EaseMyTrip’s services.

Alleged Fraudulent Activities:

Arun’s case serves as a distressing example of the potential fraudulent activities carried out by Air India and EaseMyTrip. Selling tickets to multiple passengers, neglecting customer support, and engaging in deceptive practices have left passengers in dire situations. Such actions not only jeopardize the reputation of these entities but also compromise the safety and trust of travelers.

Passenger Rights and Accountability:

The incident faced by Arun raises serious questions about the rights of passengers and the accountability of airlines and travel agencies. Passengers should have the right to reliable and efficient services, and in cases of negligence or misconduct, they should be able to seek appropriate remedies. The need for comprehensive reforms in the aviation industry becomes apparent as these incidents continue to occur.

Call for Action:

The authorities must investigate this incident thoroughly to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Air India and EaseMyTrip need to address these allegations promptly and take corrective measures to prevent further occurrences. The interests and well-being of passengers should be their utmost priority.


Arun’s distressing experience with Air India and EaseMyTrip highlights the urgent need for improved transparency, accountability, and passenger rights in the aviation industry. It serves as a wake-up call for authorities, urging them to take immediate action against fraudulent practices. Passengers deserve better treatment, and their trust in airlines and travel agencies must be restored. Let us hope that Arun’s unfortunate ordeal sparks meaningful change and serves as a catalyst for a more reliable and customer-centric aviation industry.

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  1. Manisha Tiwari Avatar
    Manisha Tiwari

    I will not travel with airindia next time. I have also faced issues with its staff when air india was running under government. I didn’t know that it is still the same. Shame on Air India Staff.

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