4 December 2022

Islamabad : A senior leader and senator of Imran Khan-led PTI was arrested in Islamabad on Thursday for a critique. cal tweet aga inst General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the country’s powerful army chief.

Federal Investigation Agency officials arrested Azam Khan Swati, 66, in an early morning swoop. ” Swa ti’s house was raided without a search warrant. ‘ Midnight jackals ‘ ( a reference to the intelligence agency’s officials ) came to the senator’s house and identified themselves as FIA personnel. He was blindfolded and treated like a terrorist, ” Babar Awan, Swati’s counsel, told the media. The arrest came hours after the PTI legislator accused General Bajwa of legitimizing corruption.

against Pakistan army chief
against Pakistan army chief

Speaking to reporters outside the sessions court that approved his two-day remand, Swati said he was arrested not for breaking the law or violating the constitution, but ” for taking the name of Gen Bajwa “. He alleged that he was ” unclothed and physically tortured ” tortured by ” agencies “. In its first information report, the FIA said Swati’s tweet was a ” calculated attempt ” to sow hatred in minds of people and army personnel against the Pakistan army and its chief.

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