again Guest teachers push for regular jobs

Dehradun : Guest teachers of Uttarakhand met education minister Dham Singh Rawat on Wednesday and once again , raised their demand for permanent posts for those who have been in the system for over eight years . The system of guest teachers came up in 2015 . These teachers play a critical role in immediately filling up positions in schools wherever required , but they are hired at a much lesser pay and without the job security of regular staff . Initially , 6,000 such staff joined .

The numbers keep fluctuations testing , with some teachers being let go with fresh ape appointment made in the education department .

again Guest teachers push,

Currently , there are around 4,500 guest teachers in the system , of whom 3,700 have been working for over eight years . ” For years , we have been demanding that those of us that have completed over eight years in the system be placed at ad hoc positions so they convent ally become permanent employees . This hasn’t been done despite multiple re quests . We have handed over a memorandum with this re quest to the education minister at a meeting in Uttar kasha . We have been assured that the proposal will be brought before the cabinet , ” said Sanjay Nautical , tree surer , guest teachers ‘ association , Uttarakhand . The education minister could not be reached but a staff member from his ministry said that demands of the guest teachers are ” under consideration and will have a resolution soon ” .

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