5 December 2022

Haridwar : The number of dengue cases has seen a sharp increase in Haridwar district, especially in Laksar, residents said on Monday, even as health officials claimed that the ” situation is under control “

The locals said dengue was spreading at an alarming level in the district and many people have lost their lives, while the health department said only 289 dengue cases have been confirmed so far in the district and only one death reported from Laksar’s Base di village, Farman Khan, a local resident of Laksar, told There is an alarming situation in Laksar and Khanpur areas due to the dengue outbreak. Due to a lack of testing and treatment facilities, patients of ten go to quack clinics for treatment. Many lost their yet to accept them.

A sharp spike in dengue cases
A sharp spike in dengue cases

Haridwar chief medical officer Dr. KK Singh told ” The situation is under control. We have sufficient beds in government hospitals. There is no shortage of platelets in blood banks. We have recorded only 289 dengue cases and one death so far. We are conducting awareness campaigns and organizing medical health camps in rural areas.

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