A-Rod – The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez by Selena Roberts Book Review


The book A-Rod – The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez by Selena Roberts was already a media-sensation even before it was published. Both Selena Roberts and Alex Rodriguez were famous enough to draw even people who have never liked reading a book that’s more than two hundred pages long. Roberts has a way of engaging her listeners and readers, making you unable to stray away from the story she has weaved.

I wasn’t a big fan of baseball-I was more of the Tennis fan-but I watched enough of the sports news with my brother, who loved baseball, to know who Alex Rodriguez was. I was amazed by his talent and was in fact, the only baseball player of recent years, who I knew. When Roberts revealed his use of steroids to aid his performance, therefore raising his statistics, I was surprised. A part of me could not deny that this talented player had cheated on all of us who cheered on him and supported him; but a part of me couldn’t deny that this could also be possible. Roberts wouldn’t be so fearless as to release a book about something she had just speculated. There must be something all of us have missed. Something she, apparently, didn’t.

It wasn’t a big surprise to my brother that I had a copy of the book before most people had their own copy. In fact, my brother was the only person in his group of friends-all of which were baseball fans, of course-who welcomed Roberts opinion about A-Rod, one of his favorite baseball players of all time. The unauthorized biography was more than an exposure of A-Rod’s use of steroids; Roberts had delved deeper into the person he was as a person, rather than concentrating on the athlete we know. She presented facts from his childhood, how the use of steroids in his early years as a baseball player in high school has become a habit that he brought until he played for the Texas Rangers. She writes in a way I didn’t expect-more sympathetic than controversial.

The book’s title was apt, actually. Roberts showed us A-Rod’s different experiences-all of which have contributed to why he used performance-enhancing drugs. What actually surprised me was that Roberts had not published the book without confronting Rodriguez first. That and the fact that the athlete didn’t deny the accusation. It was a brave move for both of them and people shouldn’t judge either of them for what they have done-Roberts for writing the book; Rodriguez for using steroids. It is a good book-one that exposed more than the controversial use of steroids-and whether you are a baseball or Roberts fan or not, A-Rod – The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez by Selena Roberts is a book you shouldn’t miss.






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