A Look at Some Common Advertising Strategies


There are various types of advertisements that we see daily. Each type of advertisement has a different type of advertising strategy. Advertising is very important for popularizing the product as well as making it known to the people. Advertising is a commercial business and is growing very fast. Today special ad directors, ad creators, ad concept makers, ad actors, models, etc all are needed to make a successful and good ad. All these professionals’ help you create an ad that easily connects with the people and will market your products and services in the best possible way. Advertising helps you to increase the brand value of your product. People get attracted to products with good brand value and this can help you increase the sale of your products.

There are many types of ads like TV commercials, news paper ads, internet ads, radio ads, hoardings, boards, pamphlets, sponsorship, etc. All these ads have a different importance and reach out to different set of peoples; hence, all these ads also have various advertising strategies. The advertising strategy mainly depends on the mainly the group of people the advertisement is aimed at, the purpose of the advertisement, the role model or the brand ambassador of the advertisement, the concept of the ad, and the type of ad. All these factors are properly looked into, then related research is conducted and data is gathered, then depending on al the results the best possible advertising strategy is made for that particular ad.

Some common advertising strategies are:

– New product launch: Some companies adopt this new product launch advertising strategy, in this strategy the companies advertise only when they launch a new product. The companies release ads for their new products and air them on the TV or the radio only for a few months or weeks and then they stop advertising. Companies who have an established good brand value and who want to notify people about their new product use this type of advertising strategy.

– Event marketing: Some companies air their ads only when there is big event going on. Like a live musical concert, awards ceremony, football matches, etc. These companies do not air their ads at any other time expect for the big events. Their idea is to capture the attention of large crowd in a short span and with minimum investment and expenditure. Well established and well known companies adopt this advertising strategy.

– Sponsorship: Sponsoring is also a type of advertisement. Many companies sponsor events or football teams or other sport persons, movie, actors, etc. The people or teams or movies that have been sponsored by a specific company then wear or display clothes and items that have the companies name or logo on them. According to the contract, the length for which the company will remain as a sponsor is determined. Sponsorship automatically ads brand value to the company and also help it market and advertise the product in a better way.






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