4 Smart-Driven CRM Trends to Look for Growth of Small Businesses


Keeping pace with the technology advancements is greatly important for businesses both small and big. Likewise, updating your marketing and customer interaction activities as per the latest CRM trends is extremely important for businesses, especially small firms. It is crucial for small businesses to keep note of the evolving technologies which, will help them drive existing customers to make repeat purchases and attract new customers.

On a comprehensive note, it will help small firms to expand their customer connect and boost sales. Considering the same, here we would like to discuss some of the key CRM trends of 2017 that can add more feasibility to your marketing activities.

Improved Predictive Analytics
An efficient CRM software helps companies to find out the number of interested customers, their preferred time of interaction and preferred mode of communication. However, with the latest improvements, predictive analytics will now offer greater insight of the ideal customer sales and engagement approach to small businesses by digging out existing customer details.

Increasing Necessity of Mobile App Adoption
Over the recent years, both midsized and small firms have started deploying the streamlined marketing tools. However, this year, mobile app adoption with CRM integration will grow for assisting the customer service representatives. It will help sales employees to capture relevant notes, receive notifications and contact via email or call from the mobile devices by using a mobile app. Mobile apps were just an option earlier, however, now, they have become a vital part of managing customer relationships effectively.

Improved Integration
Often it becomes hard to integrate a CRM solution with all the key elements of a business. While considering this fact, this year, CRM integration and connectivity are going to increase and small firms can include newer products and services into the software. Powerful solutions include the right set of integrations including; workflows, customer sales, social media and product tracking thereby, offering a holistic solution for empowering the team members with a holistic and current view during customer communication.

Importance of Social Networking to Grow
It is obvious that your customer service team has their own work timing and specific days off. However, the customers always expect to get faster responses online, especially through social media platforms. Moreover, if they fail to connect with your conventional communication channels, they can follow your company on social media and get latest news about its product launches and work culture. Promoting your business via social media channels will allow you to offer 24/7 accessibility to customers, thereby answering their queries promptly.

All these Customer Relationship Management trends in 2017 will help businesses to grow and strengthen their customer relationships. Thus, while summarising it, CRM for small business will ultimately help in increasing customer reach, customer satisfaction and sales.

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