4 right – wing men held for killing cow to frame rivals

Agra : Four members of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Maheshbhai ( ABHM ) were arrested by Agra police on Wednesday for allegedly plotting cow slaughter on the eve of Ram Navami on March 30 to falsely frame four men , all of them Muslims . The entire conspiracy was hatched to settle scores owing to old rivalry , said police , who swung into action quickly before matters could escalate into a communal flare – up .

ABHM activists who have been arrested include Sanjay Jet , the spokes per son of the right – wing organ nidation . ” The others are Jitendra Kushwaha , Brijesh Badhoriya and Sourav Shar ma . They have been booked under IPC section 429 ( mis chief by killing or maiming cattle ) , 120B ( criminal conspiracy ) and sections of the Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act . They have multiple criminal cases pending against them . All of the

4 right - wing men held,

me have been sent to jail following court orders , ” said deputy commissioner of police ( DCP ) Vikas Ku mar . Initially , on the basis of the fake complaint moved by one of the accused men , Jitendra , and gherao of the police station later by them , an FIR was registered against the four innocent men , one of whom is an employee of the Agra Municipal Coro ration .

Jitendra alleged he had ” rushed to the spot ” on hearing about the cow slaughter but the ” accused had escaped by then ” . Later , during the probe , police found that Sanjay was the man who had hatched the conspiracy . ” It could have led to social un rest , ” a police officer said .

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