3D Newspaper is Leading a New Reading Trend


Since the end of the year 2009, the mane 3D has become the most popular and has almost become the symbol of fashion. Therefore, 3D has become anther attention for the news industry. After the publication of the first 3D newspaper, readers are astonished that news can be read in this way. As a result, 3D newspaper is a brand new product which are sold one piece at every one month. Price of this new kind has been rising sharply and are sold 6 dollars per piece, though, there are still readers who are fascinated by it. The number of the paper sold have risen, which made many businessmen optimistic about the future.

Seeing from all the 3D newspaper all over the world. Contents processed are only the pictures while the words remain the same. Large part of the pictures are processed by means of 3D, when you put a pair of 3D glasses attached to the paper, the 3D effects can be clearly seen as if you go into the scene by yourself.

However, contents and cost will the obstacle for the future development of 3D newspaper. According to a survey, a common piece will be cost at least 6 to 8 dollars. Besides, though many 3D paper has been promoted, manufacturers said that they will not promote the paper on a large scale but only a try.

3D newspaper, has been on the step of trying and may be a flat on a pan. As is well known, the press industry is facing great pressure and 3D paper makes great efforts to change this situation. However, features that newspaper has is its portable and convenience, it is of great trouble to take the newspaper with a pair of 3D glasses. Besides, the most important to newspaper is its words on it instead of pictures, people will not put much attention to how beautiful and active these pictures are. Related chip is: MT8940AC.






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