2012 Ebooks – What Are They About?


On the internet there are a lot of 2012 Ebooks now a days but a lot of them are not even worth looking at, so which one is the best? Read on and find out what exactly can be found written in those Ebooks.

I’m sure you know and feel it yourself. There is something happening in 2012. There are some facts, theories as well as some reliable predictions about the 2012. But the hardest thing to figure out is what is the truth and what not? To get an idea of what will happen, you will need to learn all about the Mayan calendar, Niburu, Nostradamus, crop circles etc. Many ebooks mentions the following topics and questions that are related to the 2012 subject:

– The Inca people and their 2012 prophecy.

– Is our Universe going to get sucked into the black hole in the center of our galaxy?

– Will a pole shift occur in 2012? What if it does happen, what are the consequences?

– What are the Annunaki? Will they come in 2012?

Why is it of great importance to know about these topics? It doesn’t make sense on first sight as these are so diverse. In the end they can be all related to each other which might have the outcome of what is going to happen. If The earth will end in 2012 we cannot say for sure but it is definitely interesting to learn about all there is concerning 2012 in order to be prepared if something does happen.






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